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Harness your inner strength and find space for stillness to unlock your true potential and create harmony between the mind, body & spirit to achieve a balanced body and lifestyle.


Yoga is the ancient philosophy of using a combination of restorative physical poses, mindful breathing and meditation to harmonize the flow of energy throughout the body and strengthen the connection between the mind, body and spirit

After practicing yoga on and off for many years, Elise’s passion for yoga was truly ignited when she was recovering from a neck injury. Her injury forced her to take a step back from her usually intensive exercise regime and truly immerse herself in the fundamentals of yoga without the ego that she once had. Elise’s passion grew and led to her travelling to Rishikesh, India in 2015 to complete her internationally recognized 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training qualification. She trained under some of the best and most traditional Gurus in Hatha, Ashtanga, Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy, and Meditation Practices. She then returned back to Brisbane, Australia and began teaching in and around Brisbane. This then led her to Byron Bay in late 2016 where she completed a 200 Hour intensive in Purna Yoga along with her Restorative and Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings. Since then Elise has been teaching a diverse range of classes and workshops at Byron Yoga Centre in Byron Bay and online accross the globe. 

Why choose yoga? Why is it different to any other exercise?

Most people approach yoga from a purely physical point of view – they want to improve flexibility, strength, balance, etc. Whilst yoga is incredible at working on all of those physical elements and will most definitely improve your physical quality of life both now and in the future, the true magic of yoga goes beyond the physical practice and is more about the journey of the mind. When you truly learn to move beyond the physical and draw your focus to the breath and the connections between the breath, mind and body you begin to turn your practice into a mindful experience in which your body is truly nourished. Yoga is a never-ending journey, a never ending road to self discovery and challenge, and when harnessed to its full potential, yoga is one of the most humbling things you can experience.

Yoga with Elise Ottaway

Elise understands that every single person is beautifully and uniquely different. Every single person has their own strengths and their own weaknesses. Like with everything else that Elise does, the aim of her Yoga is to work with your unique body and help guide you on your own unique yoga journey. Elise is experienced in teaching a diverse range of yoga styles - anything from intense power flows where you will get the body moving, the heart pumping and the body building strength and stamina, to restorative yoga where you take the time to move slowly and mindfully so that you can send the body in to a complete state of relaxation and surrender, and all the in-betweens of slow hatha flows and vinyasa flows to suit any level. Elise’s teaching style is very alignment focused and all sessions incorporate pranayama (breath work), asanas (physical poses) and meditation (mindfulness). She will work to combine and harness these elements to guide you through a practice that works to build your physical and mental strength, increase your focus, release stress, achieve your goals and improve your life. Whether you are brand new to yoga or have been practicing for years, Elise can help you develop your practice to be deeper and more effective.  Whether your goal is to be able to touch your toes, have a good full body stretch or take some time out to meditate Elise will be there every step of the way to help you develop the confidence to feel into the potential of your body and stillness of your mind.

What is yoga with Elise?
Yoga with Elise Ottaway


Move, breathe, feel, connect & receive. 

Whether it's in person, or online, if it feels like the right fit, I would love to guide and share this practice and space with you. 

I am currently based in Byron Bay, on the east coast of Australia, and run weekly wellness retreats at Byron Yoga Centre


I will be guiding brand new, different and exciting classes as Body Workz gym in 2024, shoot me a message to find out more details.  

In 2024 I will be co-facilitating the 'Surfer Transformation Retreats'. WaveCore and Balancing Bodies have teamed up and created a deep and meaningful way for you to better your surfing.  Find out more here. Join us for the 5 part series of transformative experiences with a community of likeminded souls.

If you really want to deepen your practice or share in a unique holiday practice with loved ones in the beautiful surrounds of Byron Bay, reach out to organise your own yoga, breathwork and/or meditation experience. This truly is where the magic lies and can be done in person or via zoom. 


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