Equip, empower and release yourself into the fullness of

health and happiness you were created to enjoy.



Think of Elise as a coach, mentor, consultant, sounding board, accountability partner, and cheerleader all rolled into one! Wellness Coaching involves a series of 45 minute sessions held via Skype with Elise to unlock a level of health and life you didn't realise was possible.


Elise’s own wellness journey has shown her the power of holistic health. Elise understands and is passionate about finding a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit. And as such, she works with the whole person to work together to create a strong and healthy foundation from the inside out - because without a healthy inner being we will never achieve a healthy outer being. Together we'll unpack your motivations for change and create healthy mindsets so that you can experience consistency, balance and enjoyment in your health journey for a long, long time….



Is Wellness Coaching right for me?


If you want to make a change in your health but don't quite know what or how...

If you find it hard to create consistency when it comes to your wellbeing...

If you feel overwhelmed by your health and don't know how to make sense of it all...

If you don't have healthy boundaries when it comes to movement, food, technology, people or time...

You lack the self love, acceptance and confidence to believe in yourself...

If you have a sense you were made for more, or have some big dreams but don't know how to make them happen...

If you thrive with one-on-one support and accountability 



Then wellness coaching is for you!!



Elise is here to encourage, to inspire, to speak truth, to shut down lies and negative self-talk that holds you back, to call out the potential we can't yet see in ourselves, to set goals, and to keep you accountable.  Elise is here to be the rock you need to guide you to greatness.  Get ready to say goodbye to a life that’s just ‘ok’ and full of have to-Do’s, and hello to living a healthy, happy life with purpose.






  • A 3 month customised wellness journey

  • 1 X 30min getting to know you and vision session (via Skype/Facetime)

  • 5 X 45min individual wellness coaching sessions (via Skype/Facetime)

  • A written coaching summary within 24hrs of each session

  • A clear vision, personalised goals and clear steps to action

  • Weekly accountability check ins from your coach and unlimited support via text between coaching sessions

  • Breakthrough from the junky mindsets that hold you back

  • A level of wellness freedom and enjoyment of life like never before!




  • Personalised health, nutrition and movement advice

  • 1 x Personalised Yoga Video to help ground you through your journey

  • Free access to Balancing Bodies Mindset Meditations

Still have some queries? Here are a few of our FAQ’s



How does Wellness Coaching work?

Wellness Coaching combines theory from Coaching Psychology, Behaviour Change and Positive Psychology to help clients overcome their resistance to change by using a step by step, structured approach. Elise has been trained and accredited by Wellness Coaching Australia, the top wellness coaching body in Australia. 


What does a Wellness Coach do?

Wellness coaches support clients in working out what they want, why they want it, what’s stopping them and only then create a plan for action together. Elise combines her passions and teachings of health, movement, yoga, mindfulness, meditation and wellness coaching strategies to create a journey toward health, happiness and and fulfilment for her clients.


How is this going to help me?

Through a supportive relationship, Elise empowers her clients with focus on collaboration and encouragement, rather than telling you what to do (because we understand that not one size fits all and it's got to work for your unique life demands and needs). When the client takes responsibility for their own journey and feels more confident as they experience success supported by a coach, they ultimately achieve more significant change than they would on their own.


How long will we work together?

Change doesn’t happen overnight. So the minimum amount of time we allocate for a coaching journey is three months. This allows us time to get to know each other, deconstruct the junk that's been holding you back, rebuild with a rock-solid foundation, and embody your new habits to create a free-forever lifestyle change.  Sometimes our journey together can go a little longer but the biggest compliment you can give us is 'hey thanks for all your support, but I think I've got it from here!' 



Elise’s job is to equip, empower and release you into the fullness of health you were created to enjoy, not keep you feeling like you can't cope without us and you need us to hold your hand forever. My greatest motivation is to see you thrive and sharing your magic with the world.

If you are ready to take control and make some changes and up-level your reality, then let’s do this. I am here for you, and I am ready if you are girlfriend! Let’s uncover the powerful goddess within you and let it shine bright.





$59 / Week Over 12 Instalments

$699 Paid in Full


This is your time lovely, let me help you see the magic and potential that all of those around you see,

- Elise xo