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3 Step Guide to Weight Loss

Weight loss / weight management, probably one of the biggest 'skills' people are trying to master all over the world. It's something that a lot of peoples day revolves around - this thing that brings so much stress, anxiety and disappointment to peoples lives. But what if I told you I had the secret? The secret to weight loss? Yes, that's right, Little Lisey has cracked the code, and I am here to share it with you.

But first, let's just take a minute to reflect. When this image popped up on my facebook memories the other day I had to take a moment to appreciate what is happening here. The photo on the left was taken 7 years ago when I was having the time of my life traveling through Peru - a happy little back packer exploring new lands. A girl who had no idea what the future held but was trying to make the most of life's opportunities to explore. Fast forward to the photo on the right which was taken just the other day of an even happier Lisey doing her morning jog in her now hometown Byron Bay - still a girl who has no idea what the future holds, but a girl that trusts that all will work out as it should. Now, don't get me wrong, I would still not make it as a catwalk model, and am no size 6, but what I am is fit, healthy, strong and confident. Something that old Elise did not think was possible. Sometimes it's not until you look back on where you used to be that you realise how far you've come.

So what is the difference? What have I done? What is my secret? ... Well guys, its simple. The secret to my journey and to mastering my weight management is... love. Yep, that's right, it may sound cliche, it's that 4 letter word we hear thrown around left right and centre, but hear me out because this simple little word is where all of the magic lies.

Sometimes we get so caught up in striving to better ourselves that we don't appreciate what we already have. I look at this image and I see a girl who was lost in her own insecurities, a girl that didn't even know that loving and accepting herself was even a possibility. A girl that could not, and would not accept herself the way she was. A girl that I just wish I could tell now that all she has to do is love and she would save herself so much struggle and suffering. Because, when we love, and I mean actually love and appreciate ourselves, this is when we change. When we love and accept ourselves fully and completely - including all of our (self perceived) imperfections, we change. The journey of weight management all starts with the mind and I guarantee you that cultivating and creating a healthy mind will inevitably create a healthy body.

Now trust me, I know that this can be hard, it took me years and years to fully wrap my head around this, but that is why I am here, to save you the troubles and help you find the transformation I found in a fraction of the time. When we can learn to love and accept that this is where we are, and this is part of the journey and the lessons we were meant to learn, and to change because we love ourselves - this is where lasting change truly begins. Without even realising it, so many of us function out of hate. We want to change because we hate this or don't like that about ourselves - an attitude that is amplified by the society and social pressures that surround us. We don't even realise it most of the time, but the driving force behind our decisions comes from a dark and negative place. So once we realise this and then start to change it, the whole journey starts to change.

So here it is, a 3 Step Process to Self Love aka Weight Management:

Step 1- Awareness

Become aware of your thoughts, your motivators, your mindset. Ensure that you always choose love and move away from all that doesn't serve love.

Step 2 - Establish Loving Motivators

What is your why behind your goal? Do you want to lose weight because you hate the way you look or don't like the way you feel? Do you hate your cellulite or your chunky thighs? What if instead, you wanted to lose weight because you love your body and you want to give yourself the healthiest vessel possible to go through this life with. What if even though you want to get rid of the cellulite and tone your thighs you look at them with love and gratitude as they have been your reminder and motivator to make healthier changes. It's all about perspective and retraining the way we think.

Step 3 - Always Choose Love

When we choose out of love, we choose what is best for us. We learn to listen to ourselves and do what we need. We choose nourishing foods because they are what fuels our bodies and makes us feel our best. We choose to move our bodies in whatever makes us feel good - some days that may be a walk, some days that may be a run, some days that may be a stretch - but we enjoy it, because its what our bodies love. Always choose to love yourself as you are.

Depending where you are at in your journey, this can be hard. This is not something that will change you overnight, but it will change you. And the only one that can make the change is you.

No matter you age, your current health situation, your past, your future... choose love. Choose to love and accept yourself, because I can guarantee you, you are perfect just the way you are.

From one gal on a journey to another, I am here. I am here to share in, witness, and be there for you in this journey.

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Lots of love,

Elise xx

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