Do you hate the thought of exercise?


Do you find exercise tedious and boring?


Do you run out of hours in the day to fit in going to the gym?


Balancing Bodies has created a whole new spin on personal training. No matter what level of training you are at, we are here to take it up a notch and have some fun doing it.


With our convenient Mobile Personal Training Sessions we can work around you! We will come to your home and design a workout in your space.


Say goodbye to those wasted gym fees!


We also have skype training sessions available for those not in the local area.


We make it our mission to get to know YOU and what YOU love and enjoy in life so that we can create a program specifically for YOU.


No matter who you are, there is an exercise out there that you will love! And we will find it!


We are here to help you have some fun, learn about your body and as a by-product see AMAZING RESULTS. 


Balancing Bodies is all about helping you learn to work with your body and find balance between the physical, emotional and spiritual. Physical exercise is an important part of a balanced healthy and happy lifestyle. The effects of movement go far beyond the physical changes you can see with your eyes. The mental clarity, mood enhancement and self-confidence gained from moving your body is just another reason to get moving.


Every single person is unique and has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Balancing Bodies is all about working with you to use your strengths to improve your weaknesses. Whether you want to turn your walk in to a run, to turn 1 push up in to 10, or to feel the burn in all the muscles in your body – we have you covered.


We are here to take a fitness journey with you and help Balance your Body.


Contact us about Personal Training sessions in the comfort of your own home. Get together with your friends or family and make it a group activity for more fun.


Mobile training sessions are within a 20 minute drive radius of Wavell Heights, Brisbane. 






*Prices subject to location and other variables. The Balancing Bodies Trainer has the right to make increases and changes to the price. 




1 Hour Mobile Session from* $75.00


30 Minute Mobile Session from* $40.00


1 Hour Skype Session from *$45.00


Groups of 5 or more incur additional charges.