Unlock your true potential and create harmony between the Mind, Body & Spirit to achieve a

Balanced Body and Lifestyle...







Balancing Bodies has created a whole new spin on personal training. No matter what level of training you are at, we are here to take it up a notch and have some fun doing it.


With our convenient Mobile Personal Training Sessions we can work around you! We will come to your home and design a workout in your space.


We make it our mission to get to know YOU and what YOU love and enjoy in life so that we can create a program specifically for YOU.


We are here to help you have some fun, learn about your body and as a by-product see AMAZING RESULTS. 







We all have dreams and goals, and sometimes we need a little push to help us reach those dreams and goals. 


Work with Elise one-on-one to design your own unique health and wellness journey. Elise will help you dig deep and help uncover the truth behind what has been ‘holding you back’ from reaching your true potential.


Together, let’s unpack your vision for your best self and we can create a rock solid foundation of mindset and habits to make it a reality! 





Whether you are brand new to yoga or have been practicing for years, Elise can help you develop your practice in to a deeper more effective routine.  Whether your goal is to be able to touch your toes, have a good full body stretch or take some time out to meditate Elise will be there every step of the way to help you develop the confidence to Breathe, Believe and Achieve and balance that body!


Elise offers one-on-one sessions  and group classes to help you experience the physical, metaphysical, energetic and emotional effects of Yoga.


Her sessions give you the perfect opportunity to gain understanding and confidence in the technique of your yoga practice.