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Take charge of your wellbeing today. For the cost of just one coffee per week, you can

 join the Balancing Bodies Tribe and gain exclusive access to content, courses, connections & the tools you need to make the changes you have been looking for.  







This little baby has been a long time coming and a dream come true. The BB Membership program is a one-stop-shop for all that you need to take charge of your wellbeing. It is a beautiful nourishing space for us to explore, learn & grow together. A space that combines all my unique specialities and skills to give you the most powerful experience of change possible. 


BB Members gain access to one-off VIP exclusive content that follows a monthly program. Each month we will dive into a new 'Theme of the Month' where I will guide you through a range of classes that explore that theme so that by the end of the month you feel empowered to grow and evolve into the next topic; and over the months you will be able to learn about, experience and create deep change.  

If this is something that resonates with you, I would love to have you join me and help me help you. 

 -  Elise 
What does a it mean to be a BB Member?

Each month BB Members get access to exclusive content and guidance.

Dive deep into monthly masterminds and month by month build the tools to take charge of your wellbeing and create permanent, lasting, joyful change.

Through a range of mediums, Elise takes you on a journey of the mind, body and soul to find beautiful harmony and a sustainable and maintainable balance.

Each month we choose a new topic/theme that ties in with all of our classes so that you can not only take your fitness and wellbeing to a new level, but also learn and gain understanding about how and why we are doing what we do. 

Through the range of classes, explore the theme so that by the end of the month you feel empowered to grow and evolve into the next topic; and over the months you will be able to learn about, experience and create deep, lasting change. 

Take your wellbeing into your own hands. This is your chance to charge of your health, and gain the empowerment to make your life (even more) magnificent.



Get sweaty, get flowy, get the heart pumping and the body feeling strong and rejuvenated.


Slow it down, get flowy, breathe, feel and connect. Take the time to feel into the poses and gain a deeper connection with your practice.


Relax, feel and release on a deep level. Create longer lasting and much deeper flexibility by relaxing into beautiful deep stretches with long holds.


Be still and relax, find stillness and allow Elise to guide you into a place of quietened peace. 


Join Elise in creating one of her healthy, but delicious masterpieces. A gluten free and vegan sweet treat that everyone will love. 


Cook up a storm and impress all of your friends and family as you follow Elise's guidance to make one of her delicious and nutritious meals.


Dive deep into the topic of the month to gain a holistic understanding so that you can create powerful and permanent changes to your wellbeing. 


24/7 access to all the current content and continual guidance and support from Elise herself. 

Valued at over $250

You can get all of this for just $33.99 (AUD) / month.


Can a BB Member access the content whenever they want?

As a BB Member, you have access to all the current content whenever you like! You can also watch it as much as you like for the time it is available  (current and previous month).

What are some examples of topics/themes that you cover?

Each month we will explore a variety of different themes, some months we may explore a certain body part (eg. the psoas, or the core, etc); some months we may explore an energetic theme (eg. heart openers, chakras, self esteem, etc); and some months we might focus on foundational basics to deepen and strengthen your practice and wellbeing. 


What is the difference between the yoga classes?

Each month you will get 3 different yoga classes:

Dynamic Vinyasa - this will be the more intense class of the three, it is a class that you will flow through at a faster pace, with a mix of stronger poses and probably a class that you will get the heart rate up and sweat flowing.

Slow Flow - this class is, like the name suggests, a nice slow flow where we move at a gentle pace, feel into the poses and focus on the breath and mind. 

Yin Yoga - Yin yoga is a chance for us to take a beautiful deep stretch. It is a beautiful and relaxing class where we stretch deeply, let go, and reeeeelax. We hold poses for several minutes to release into the fascia line of the body and create deeper, longer lasting flexibility. 

What are the mastermind sessions?

The mastermind sessions are a session where we will explore in detail the theme of the month so that you can gain a holistic understanding and have to opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the subject. 

What if I haven't ever done any yoga or meditation before?

No experience is a perfect place to start. In all of Elise's sessions she will provide many options so that you can choose to work to your level. Elise has extensive experience teaching anyone from total beginners to experienced yogis and ensures she creates a dynamic mix to suit all levels. 

What if I am not very physically agile, injured or flexible?

No matter where you body and agility is at, Elise will be able to help you find some movement that suits you. Just have a chat to Elise and explain your concerns and she will ensure she provides guidance and solutions for you. You will be able to start small and as the months go on, build on it and develope your practice. 

What if I have specific dietary requirements and the recipes don't suit me?

That is no worries at all. Elise is able to provide adaptions to all recipes to suit any dietary requirement. All recipes Elise cooks are gluten free and vegan as well. 

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can cancel anytime you like and your subscription will last up until a month from your last payment. Obviously, we will be sad to see you go, but have the peace of mind that you are not locked into any kind of contract or obligation.